Our Story

Rosé Forêt was founded in early 2020. Jamie had a vision toward the end of 2019 to make a large scale lolita and J-fashion even that would encompass several days. She was disappointed in the fact that many of the local anime conventions that once had a lot of programming for Japanese fashion have now steered away from it. Armed with amazing organizational skills, Jamie sought out others who would be just as excited to join in planning such an event. 

We had only a couple monthly meetings before COVID-19 hit and we had to postpone all of our plans. We became a non-profit organization and soon turned our attention to the online community and creating entertainment for J-fashion enthusiasts. This includes regular weekly Youtube videos, biweekly Twitch streams, Tiktok videos, uplifting the community and providing information through Instagram, and creating online events through all these facets and Facebook.

Please consider donating to our organization so that we can provide more amazing content! And we look forward to seeing you at our main Rosé Forêt event in Denver, September 2022!

Check back soon for more updates!

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